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click workshop abstract painting
Workshop abstract painting with the dutch artist Emile by the painter in his house in Ubud ? Around 3 hours - Price 100 euro, every person more 50 euro maximal 3 persons. Incuding canvas and oilpaint and your own oilpaint art work. Drinks and snacks.
Possible to come to your place.

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for reservation or information about a workshop ask by email.


Or visit the painter in his house see his art drink a coffee and after a walk with the artist in the ricefields behind his house..

Ubud Culture Dance Performance

in many places in Ubud.
Every evening in Jalan Hanoman - Mainroad
and Jalan Monkey Forest road.

Ubud is 30 minutes from Villa Balinda.

Visit the villages Ubud: for dance , art , the shops , the temples. The Village Mass: for woodcarving The Village Celuk: for silver


A walk with Emile in the nature or visit markets to make nice pictures. Emile is not a guide but can tell about the life in Bali .Emile is also not a real photographer but he shoot with artist eyes.
nformation ask emilesvv@hotmail.com

Website with photos: www.dutchartist.nl

.........................................Villa Balinda in the background. This is in the early morning. The local people swimming in the earley morning or in the evening.

Lembongan - small Island for the coast of Sanur.
UBUD - 30 minutes from Sanur
"Pura Campuhan Padang Galak (Sanur) is
interesting to see." 

Feb 7, 2015  A TripAdvisor Member

From Sanur is nice cycling along the beach to the two temples on the beach of Padang Galak. (4 km cycling) Pura Campuhan (Windhu Sagara) is the Temple to cure serious diseases, is assumed. The history told that a priest who suffered severe renal impairment. He walked with a cane on the beach of Padang Galak, when fire and smoke came from the stick. The priest healed, then a temple built on the beach. Since then, Indonesian Hindus temple for healing. For a year they are busy with a restoration of the temple, and one is still working. When we visited the temple was visited by Hindus for prayer. The location of the temple complex is located at Padang Galak Beach Tukad Ayung River. Directly adjacent there you will find: Pura Taman Ayung Sagara (Pura Dalem Segara Padanggalak Ayung) This temple of 1997, for the ruler of the ocean. The courtyard has two Meru's pagodas characteristic terraced roofs. A bike ride with a trip is quite worthwhile.
ad_kennis Eindhoven, Netherlands

Sanur activities:

Diving / snorkeling / surfing - everywhere possible
Fast Cruise, to Lembongan Island for 1 day .
You have also the public boat from Sanur pantei beach to Lembongan.
Day Trip to Gili Islands lombok from Bali
Bali Cycling Tours
Spa Retreats and massages
Sanur Cooking Class

Nightlife with live bands

From Villa Balinda a small walk to the Healing Temple Pura Campuhan Padang Galak
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Flat clear clean water

Sanur beach is uncrowded and offers clear water that is flat enough to safely swim, snorkel, paddle board or jetski. The water fisherman in the early morning give Sanur a unique feel.


Le Mejeur Museum. The Belgian painter.Sanur Pantei Beach.
" Beautiful house and gardens

A fascinating scenario for the romantic lifes of a painter and his balinese wife and muse. If you're in Sanur it is worth a visit. The museum itself is not looked after very well and many of the paints and photographs are spoiled by wind, salt and lights, but it is a good opportunity to visit a rich traditional balinese house, with the precious furniture and the quiet and lovely gardens. Right on Sanur beach walk, it's easy to find and it's a nice getaway from the confusion of the souvenirs stands. Loved it!

Perth, Australia
Visited March 2015
Insight info everyday life in Bali.
The morning market is a alive with every imaginable food. Local vendors offer fresh vegetables, meat, flowers, spices and herbs, fish and all kinds of offerings that are used at the temples. You can purchase snacks ready to eat and try lots of interesting food even in small quantities. It's a wonderful place to people watch. Be early.

Sydney, Australia April 13, 2015